Назва: Killer, Автор: Joe Craig, Мова: Англійська, Категорія: Художні книги, К-ть сторінок: 298, Розмір: 12.8x19.7 см, Обкладинка: М'яка
Стан: Вживане стан 5 (у відмінному стані без дефектів)

Опис: -

An eleven-year-old boy discovers he has strange powers, and a future that holds mystery, adventure - and death! Bending his knees, Jimmy let go of the windowsill and slowly tipped backwards. Surely this is impossible, he thought, even as he could feel himself doing it. He pushed out with his legs and the thrust sent him flying backwards into the air. . .Then his fingers locked on to the cold wire of the fence, poised in a perfect handstand on the top. Who are the mysterious men chasing Jimmy across the city? Why are they after him? What are Jimmy's parents keeping from him and who can he trust? And how come he can suddenly do all this really cool stuff. . .? Find out in this electrifying debut novel from Joe Craig. Young, multitalented and brimming with ideas, this new HarperCollins author is destined to become a firm favourite with children everywhere.

Ціна: 75 грн.

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